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Home of Chuck Testa and more recently NOPE, Ojai Valley Taxidermy began its long journey in the summer of 1981. Intrigued by a do it yourself bird mounting kit ordered from the back of a magazine, Chuck Testa’s initial curiosity became a hobby and continues on.



Contagious Disease Prank

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Contagious Disease Prank

A teaser of me and my friend Matt pranking his boss’ wife into thinking a contagious disease was quickly spreading around their store.

The Drive-By Bear Scare

We’re up to new shenanigans with Uncle John as we pull off a drive-by bear scare around town. Watch the peoples reactions!

A Beary Merry Christmas

A very special video to you, from us! We wish you a very Merry Christmas.

Horn Setting & Fan Shoutout

Merry Christmas! Today’s tip talks about how to get ear liners and how to do some horn setting, plus an update on upcoming videos and a special fan shoutout.

How to Stuff a Turkey for Thanksgiving

Chuck and Uncle John take to the streets and show people how to stuff a turkey for Thanksgiving. The mission is to stuff the bird!

Bear in a Lamborghini

Bear in a bright yellow Lambo stops traffic in Huntington Beach. This was a fun time filming Yogi the Bear! Original “Bear in a Lamborghini” Video Here: Extra footage on JustinTime…

How to Tan a Skunk

This week’s tip shows how to tan a skunk plus IRS Bill drops a bomb!

Jawiin Tells Ardie’s Chuck Testa Story

Ardie is at it again! Thanks to Jawiin for sending the funny with us.

Hard Six Music Video Shoot

Behind the scenes of the “Haunted Ride” music video shoot for the band Hard Six. Thanks guys!

How to Skin a Deer – Part 2

Part 2 of the two-part series on how to skin a deer. Plus somebody gets yelled at by his wife!

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