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Molding a Baby Opossum Head

Here’s how to make a quick mold of a baby opossum head, which can be used on a carved,wrapped, or caucus cast body.

Face Mold Self Portrait

Creating a face mold self portrait from a custom cast.

More Tips at the Taxidermy Show

Interview with Cesar Navas of Wildlife Fur Dressing at the taxidermy show in Sacramento.

Custom European Mount

Making a custom european mount with antlers.

UNCHAP with Uncle John

First day of training in UNCHAP – the United Neighborhood Citizen’s Home Appearance Control.

Air Powered Invisible Car

Watch me drive this amazing invisible car around a shopping center with the help of Siri.

Elk Hoof Ashtray

Here’s how to make an antique-style elk hoof ashtray.

Trans Species Operation

Quick trans species operation to turn a fox mannekin into a bobcat.

Tuesday Tips at the Taxidermy Show

Post-show interview with Mark McClane from Research Mannikins at the Sacramento taxidermy show.

Turpentine Tanning

Turpentine tanning is an old-fashioned martini technique.