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Turpentine Tanning

Turpentine tanning is like making an old-fashioned martini.

A Tree Falls in Ojai

A tree fell in Ojai…on the house! Check out the damage and don’t let it happen to you.

Bear in a Car Prank

The new Ford Ex-bear-dition 2014 model takes a ride around Ojai.

Bush Pig Conversion – Part 2

Here’s part 2 of the two part series on how to convert a bush swine to a European boar.

Life-Size Raccoon Mount

Trish completes the racoon mount on the log base.

Bush Pig Conversion – Part 1

Here’s part 1 of the two part series on how to alter a pig manikin from a bush swine to a European boar.

Contagious Disease Prank

My friend Matt pranking his boss’ wife into thinking a contagious disease was quickly spreading around their store.

The Drive-By Bear Scare

We’re up to new shenanigans with Uncle John as we pull off a drive-by bear scare around town. Watch the reactions!

A Beary Merry Christmas

A very special video to you! We wish you a beary Merry Christmas.

Horn Setting & Fan Shoutout

Merry Christmas! Today’s tip talks about how to get ear liners and how to do some horn setting, plus an update on upcoming videos and a special fan shoutout.